Dear Sue and Lynn:

It was good to see both of you to the other day and Nancy and I are looking forward to opening our pool as soon as the weather starts warming up. As usual, we will bring a water sample for you to analyze. You have always suggested the right chemicals to keep our pool water in great condition and we very much appreciate your advice and recommendations. It was our good fortune to meet the two of you. We feel fortunate to have met you and we consider you good friends. I guess fate led us to Cape Fear Pools.
P.S. Remember, when you’re ready to get rid of Pooh, we’ll take her.


Jack and Nancy Campbell
607 Burroughs Drive
Wilmington, NC 28412

It was never warm enough for a long enough period of time to get a pool up north. But, when we moved to beautiful Wilmington, it was a no brainer. We purchased our pool from Cape Fear Pools and Spas in 1994 and have been enjoying the comfort of an above ground pool ever since. Sue and Lynn have always been available to help solve almost any problems that cropped up. The support and customer service from them has been wonderful. We have great memories of watching stars and the international space station come out at night while we lounged in the pool on a summers evening. We recall the fun of after school and birthday parties around the pool. What a way to relax our worries away. It is peace of mind knowing that I can count on Cape Fear Pools and Spas to be there when we need their advice so that we can enjoy many, many more days and evenings around our pool. – Barbara Williams

Blessings come in many and varied shapes and sizes! One of ours has been a round 24 ft. pool purchased from Cape Fear Pools and Spas, Inc. For the past eleven years the 12,000 gallons of water the pool contains have provided many hours of wholesome fun and relaxation as well as exercise that has contributed to our health and well being!

Has it required work? Oh yes, but well worth every minute spent in its care in contrast to the wealth of pleasure it has brought to our family.

Anne & Bill Blackley
323 Pine Valley Drive.

To the Girls at the Spas:

I had the pleasure of being married to the most wonderful man in the world, Wayne Ruddell.
He worked at a Chemical Plant for 37 years and he always had the hot tub perfect.As you know, he made many, many trips to your store and spoke of you often. (“The girls at the Hot Tub”)
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for being a friend to him.
As you well know he never met a stranger in his life. He’s a wonderful man and will be missed.
Thank you, I’m sure you’ll be seeing me soon.

Donna Ruddell

To Whom It May Concern:

Blanch Amrose is an 82-year-old white female whom I follow for generalized osteoarthritis and a chronic painful shoulder. In addition to the use of acetaminophen, hydrotherapy has been an important part of her overall treatment program. She has had excellent response to hydrotherapy in terms of increasing range of motion and decreasing pain. Hot water spas can be extremely beneficial in terms of easing joint pain, maintaining range of motion, and improving painful muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or write.


John L. Harshbarger, MD

Dear Lynn:

I want you to know how much we have enjoyed the ‘SPA’. It is not a luxury, but an excellent therapy for my arthritis.

Thanks you for all the personal attention you have given us.

Blanche & Ralph Ambrose

Dear Sue:

The purpose of this letter is to express our sincere thanks for all the help you have given us in purchasing our spa and getting it ready to use. Your dedication to addressing your customer’s needs is exemplary.

When we decided to outfit our new home with a spa, we were not sure where to turn. Fortunately, our real estate contact suggested we visit you at Cape fear Pools & Spas. Lucky for us we did. The Dimension One Sojourn Spa we purchased is outstanding! The price of the spa was very reasonable, and, best of all, the service you provided and continue to provide is excellent. As you may recall, we bought the spa in the early stages of construction and were not able to take delivery for 5 months. Thank you for holding it securely that entire time. After delivery e were not able to fill the tub for another 4 months. As you can imagine, we were most anxious to get our spa up and running after our long delay. When we finally did start up the tub, we had some wiring service to get the problems fixed. You worked on our spa in the pouring rain and even delayed the start of your vacation to get us going. We are very grateful.

As Penny & I enjoy our new spa, we take great comfort in knowing that if we have any future concerns we can always call you for help. We know you are service orientated and stand by your product. Again thank you very much for all your support.


Kevin & Penny Kress

Dear Sue:

Just a note to thank you for your recommendations on winterizing the spa. As usual, your service is excellent and has been so for the past many years. We would certainly recommend anyone interested in purchasing a spa at your place. If anyone is interested in contacting us for a personal recommendation, please feel free to have them contact us.


Marie and Ira Lowe

We have been Cape Fear Pools’ customers for 12 years. When we had an awful algae problem, Lynn and Sue worked diligently to help get our pool corrected. They are always professional, friendly, and eager to help. We will go nowhere else.

Harry & Jackie Oakes

Cape Fear Pools and Spas have provided us with outstanding service since we purchased our spa in Spring of 2005. Not only did Lynn and Susan help us in selecting the perfect hot tub, but they even came to our house to make sure we had it set up properly. We have been extremely happy with our decision to buy our spa from the girls at Cape Fear Pools and Spas, and we look forward to their continued excellence in service for years to come.

Brian & Nicole Heer
Carolina Beach